The parachute simulator SOKOL M is currently the only simulation with a most realistic simulation which is possible. The controlled free-fall phase, the realistic simulation of the deployment of the main canopy and reserve canopy were developed together with experts who know the needs of advanced parachute training and the Special Forces.


Operational Training Requirements

SOKOLTM M allow Users to be able to experience 3D Virtual Reality training prior to their first live Descent and for special forces, as a rehearsal for their operations insertion by identifying area on 3D terrain as Drop Zone.


The parachute simulator SOKOLTM M provides training for both new and trained users during the major phases of a parachute descent and operation of Precising Aerial Delivery Systems. The simulator provides features for Military Freefall ram-air, Static-Line trap air, flight crew emergency parachute canopy control and Precising Aerial Delivery System Control training and simulate the environment and conditions that a parachutist encounters during a full parachute descent.


Types of Training

The SOKOLTM M is able to train and evaluate parachutists for the trainings/ operations in the following training:

  • Static Line Training
  • Freefall Training to achieve a stable Freefall position for deploying the main/ reserve canopy
  • Aircrew Para-Drill Training
  • Special Forces Rehearsal
  • HAHO and HALO training
  • Precising Aerial Delivery System Training


Training Modes

The simulator is able to operate in the following modes, which are configured at the Instructor Operations Stations:

  • Independent Mode: allows to train the parachutist in all types of trainings.
  • Network Mode: ist already in SOKOLTM M integrated, which enables¬† any number of Simulator Stations to be linked up and operate together to conduct Team-Level training controlled by the IOS. There is no number of technical limitation connecting jump stations. We suggest connecting not more than 12 jump stations, when operated and controller from one IOS.


Environmental Sound

The simulator is equipped with a sound simulation such a wind, rain sound effects to enhance the realism of the simulation training.


Types of Parachute

SOKOLTM M provides a wide range of parachutes which include the 3D Model for function, malfunctions, characteristics that are configurable. The operator is able to change the characteristics of the parachutes to increase the stress level during the scenarios especial when running Special Forces Missions.

The following types are included:

  • Static Line Types
  • Military
  • 9-cell ram-air parachute types (like MMS 420)
  • 7-cell ram-air parachute types
  • Tandam