Parachute Simulators

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Independent of whether paratroopers, Special Forces or amphibian-troops are engaged in the airdrop mission, their success depends to a greater part on arriving at their target destination uninjured. Training with SOKOLTM Parachute-Simulators provides the trainee choices of environments that address these and other requirements, such as training for severe weather situations and resolving parachute deployment malfunctions.

Using the Simulator, airdrop exercises can be planned, practiced, reviewed and if required, repeated until the expected training-results are achieved. The simulation system serves as a tool to suppliment traditional training devices, such as wind tunnels, jump-towers, suspension/pendulum-rigs and real jumps.

The safe simulator environment allows the trainee to fully concentrate on honing the jumping skills without diverging thoughts of injury and dangers posed during inclement weather jumps, or critical operational problems with chute, its lines, or other auxiliary equipment. (Pro-Dytter, Cypress, Garmin 12, Altimeters).