Combat Training Simulators

  GLADIO2                    laufende_Schießsimulator_übung_groß_72dpi                    2mann_mit_Panzerabwehrrohr_groß_72dpi

GLADIO™ is an indoor training system for the multi-stage shooting and tactical mission training. GLADIO™ is a safe training system, which is totally effective without the need for live fire.

The system is suitable for the training of all phases in shooting training, from the learning phase to internalization and application phase right down to specialist training. GLADIO™ is suitable in particular for the tactical skills training of several independent teams during one joint mission. GLADIO™ has been designed for the training of up to 16 riflemen simultaneously, distributed over up to four visualization systems. Based on its design GLADIO™ is suitable for use in fixed infrastructures at the locations of action forces or at training centers.

With the GLADIO™ training system the entire range, from simple shooting training to customer-specific complex scenarios, is covered. The portfolio is rounded off with ‘what-if’ and tactical scenarios. A comprehensive shooting and tactical mission training is significantly improved and is complemented perfectly with GLADIO™.